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General Info
Category Finance
Sector Wind Power
Country Croatia Flag Croatia
Project size (MW) 80
Project Status Development
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Short Description
The planned wind farm is located in Dalmatia. The planed turbine
for this project is with a hub height of 108 m and a rated
power of 2 MW. The first stage of the wind farm consist of 40 turbines with
a total installed capacity of 80 MW.

The wind conditions for Dalmatia are among the best in Croatia, and considered to better than in central Europe.

The wind situation on site was measured for more than three years in a height
of 42.8 m and 61.3 m. The data from the wind measurement were analyzed by an independent metrological institute and by an independent consultant.

The result of this campaigns showed an average wind speed of about 6.7
m/s in hub height of 108 m.
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