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Solar Energy - Calico, CA, USA, 850MW

General Info
Sector Solar Energy
Country USA Flag USA
Region California
Project size (MW) 850
Project Status Construction
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Short Description
The proposed Callico Solar project would be a nominal 850-megawatt (MW) Stirling engine project, with construction planned to begin in late 2010 if the project is approved by the Energy Commission. Although construction would take approximately 40 months to complete, renewable power would be available to the grid as each 60-unit group is completed. The primary equipment for the generating facility would include the approximately 30,000, 25-kilowatt solar dish Stirling systems (referred to as SunCatchers), their associated equipment and systems, and their support infrastructure. Each SunCatcher consists of a solar receiver heat exchanger and a closed-cycle, high-efficiency Solar Stirling Engine specifically designed to convert solar power to rotary power then driving an electrical generator to produce grid-quality electricity.

The proposed project will be constructed on an approximate 8,230-acre site located in San Bernardino County, California. The project site is approximately 37 miles east of Barstow, 17 miles east of Newberry Springs, 57 miles northeast of Victorville, and approximately 115 miles east of Los Angeles (straight line distances). Most of the power from the project will be generated at peak times, when the demand for electricity is greatest
Connected Companies
Developer Tessera Solar
Debt financing NA
Primary equipment vendor NA
Operator NA
PPA Southern California Edison
Other NA
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