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Solar Energy - Abengoa

General info
Company name Abengoa
Company type Project developers
Sector Solar Energy ,ST / CSP - utility ,Biomass ,Infrastructure
HQ Spain  Flag  Spain
HQ Address Madrid,0
Telephone 34 91 3300669
Website www.abengoa.com
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Company News
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Company Overview
Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions to sustainable development in the infrastructures, environment and energy sectors. It is a listed company with a market capitalization in excess of €1.350 billion (21/05/2010) and its five business groups are present in more than seventy countries: Solar Power, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technology, and Industrial Engineering and Construction.
Selected projects
SevillaProject nameSevilla
CountrySpain  Flag Spain
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)20 
Project StatusProject Commissioned 

Abengoa Mojave Solar, CA, USA, 250MWProject nameAbengoa Mojave Solar, CA, USA, 250MW
CountryUSA Flag USA
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)250 
Project StatusConstruction 

Helios, Spain, 100MWProject nameHelios, Spain, 100MW
CountrySpain  Flag Spain
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)100 
Project StatusConstruction 

Solnova, Spain, 50MWProject nameSolnova, Spain, 50MW
CountrySpain  Flag Spain
SectorST / CSP - utility 
Project size (MWp)50 
Project StatusConstruction 

Additional geographic markets
HQ Spain  Flag  Madrid, Spain
Geographic presenceUSA Flag USA
Management & Personal Accounts
Name Position Country
José Marcos Romero Appointments and RemunerationsSpain  Flag Spain
Ignacio González Domínguez CEO, TelventSpain  Flag Spain
Felipe Benjumea Llorente Chairman and CEOSpain  Flag Spain
Manuel Sánchez Ortega Co-CEOSpain  Flag Spain
Jesús Angel Garcia-Quilez GómezCorporate FinanceSpain  Flag Spain
Cristina Poole Quintana Department of SustainabilitySpain  Flag Spain
Álvaro Polo Guerrero Director Human ResourcesSpain  Flag Spain
Juan Carlos Jiménez LoraDirector Investor RelationsSpain  Flag Spain
Luis Fernández Mateo Director Organization, Quality, and BudgetingSpain  Flag Spain
Amando Sánchez Falcón Financial DirectorSpain  Flag Spain
Miguel A. Jiménez-Velasco MazarioGeneral SecretarySpain  Flag Spain
Fernando Martínez Salcedo General Secretary SustainabilitySpain  Flag Spain
Armando Zuluaga Ziberman Legal ServicesSpain  Flag Spain
Javier Salgado Leirado President and CEO, Abengoa BioenergySpain  Flag Spain
Santiago Seage Medela President, Solar Business GroupSpain  Flag Spain
Rogelio Bautista Guardeño Risk ManagementSpain  Flag Spain
Vicente Jorro de InzaStructured FinancingSpain  Flag Spain
José A. Moreno DelgadoTechnical Secretary DirectorSpain  Flag Spain
Jose B. Terceiro Vice-ChairmanSpain  Flag Spain
Ownership Structure & Holdings
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