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Solar Energy - Amerisolar

General info
Company name Amerisolar
Company type Manufacturer - PV modules
Sector Solar Energy
HQ Address 408 North Canal Street, Unit A&B, South San Francisco, California, 94080 USA
Telephone +1 650 777 7606
Website http://www.amerisolar.us/
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Company Overview
The Solar Division of Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA INC. (OTCBB: WWMU) is rapidly becoming a major player in the photovoltaic industry where light energy is converted into clean, reliable and affordable power. Headquartered in San Bruno of California, Worldwide is reaching out to business and governments across the globe to provide for their energy needs.

Amerisolar provide solar modules to Solar Power System Integrators for clean, ..
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Management & Personal Accounts
Name Position Country
Harry LiMarketing China Flag China
Lucy LuMarketing China Flag China
Ownership Structure & Holdings
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